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Medical and Business Therapy

The workforce can be rough on our bodies. Whether you have a very active or sedentary job, repetitive motions and being overworked can negatively affect your body. We pride ourselves in being able to help employees, patients, and the general public avoid pain and discomfort. Mike always uses 3-5 different techniques to help make every client healthier.

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Trauma Touch Therapy

Trauma Touch Therapy

Trauma Touch Therapy is the process of using a variety of modalities to relieve a specific point of trauma or discomfort in the body. Most people have experienced pain like this at some point in their life whether it be from repetitive motions at work or a car accident. Mike will use his many years of experience to evaluate your specific injury and decide which modalities would be most beneficial for you.

Pre and Post Cancer Therapy

Pre/Post Cancer Therapy

There are a variety of therapeutic techniques that will help strengthen the immune system. This can be incredibly beneficial in helping cancer patients balance out during or after chemotherapy treatments. Please note that we require medical approval from your doctor in order to work with you if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy

Orthopedic (Medical) Therapy

This twelve step protocol is an award winning process that helps relieve pain and discomfort for most medical issues. Mike learned directly from the creator of this protocol, James Waslaski, who has helped numerous people relieve symptoms from auto injuries, sciatic, headaches, TMJ, and many more ailments.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is used when a particular issue or point of pain keeps coming back. Muscles get stressed out or strained and then their trigger points are activated. This causes pain and tightness in the body. Trigger Point Therapy can completely release the irritated points helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage & Injuries Therapy

Sports Massage is intended to keep athletes performing at their best. By using a blend of various techniques, Mike is able to alleviate symptoms from injuries sustained during practice and play. He is currently on the Chico Heat Medical Staff and assists all of the players with their repair and upkeep both on and off the field. Mike ensures athletes are able to play back to back seasons with more ease.

Auto Immune Massage

Autoimmune Therapy

Our Autoimmune Therapy is highly beneficial for individuals with an Autoimmune Disease, a disease when the white blood cells in our body stop protecting us and start attacking us. Two of the biggest causes are being overworked or over-stressed. Through the process of using a variety of modalities, we can get you feeling healthier and better!

Pre and Postnatal and Infant Therapy

Pre/Postnatal and Infant Therapy

Due to the changes happening in your body, it is very important that we do a thorough evaluation and postural analysis for you before we begin treatment. We also encourage clients to get written approval from your doctor prior to being treated. For your comfort, we provide cushions during treatment or the client may choose to lay on their side.

About Mike

Mike is a certified massage therapist of 29 years, with over 3,000 hours of advanced training. He is nationally certified in ten different massage techniques and has a variety of skill sets which aid him in helping all of his clients get healthier.

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Our Services

Our therapeutic massage services can help a wide variety of individuals recover from pain/injuries or simply provide relaxation.

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Our Awards

Top Instructor and Massage Therapist In California by the California State Assembly.
Ranked as the top 10% of Instructors and Therapists by International Healthcare.

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